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Canstruction features Ardagh’s seafood cans installation

Canstruction features Ardagh’s seafood cans installation

Together with Ardagh Group and seafood company Cofisa, Metal Packaging Europe showcased a brand new Canstruction at the Alimarket Conference in Madrid on 13 June.

Madrid is home to the second biggest fresh seafood market in the world. Spain is also the top European producer of canned seafood and 2.4bn units of canned tuna are processed there every year. And, fittingly, when Ardagh’s specialist metal packaging plant in Pontevedra, Spain, was chosen to select the most appropriate product, the company worked alongside its customer, Cofisa – Conservas de Peixe da Figueira, SA, which agreed to provide 4,000 cans of their popular tuna used for pasta dishes. The cans were donated to local food bank Banco de Alimentos de Madrid after the event.

Canstruction, a charity based in Atlanta, US, has donated over 32 million kilos of canned food to food banks throughout the world as part of its hunger relief programme. Its 2018 event in Madrid, organised by leading Spanish business publishers Alimarket, is run in conjunction with Metal Packaging Europe. The trade association chose the design for this year’s event around its “metal recycles forever” logo, which is being increasingly used on cans to communicate the endless recycling potential of metal packaging.

Armando Evaristo, sales director, Seafood, Ardagh, Metal, Iberia and Latin America, explained: “We are very pleased to be representing the metal packaging industry in such a worldwide charity initiative.

“Not only does it promote the valuable contribution our industry makes to providing safe and sustainable food packaging, but supports a very worthwhile charity. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our customer, Cofisa, for its important contribution and support.”

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