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Pride Engineering introduces Pride Synapse

Pride Engineering introduces Pride Synapse

Pride Engineering has unveiled its new hybrid bottom former, Pride Synapse. A sophisticated, integrated line up of self-monitoring and self-adjusting canmaking equipment.

Synapse delivers multiple capabilities, allowing users to combine production efficiency with quality, visibility and production optimisation, resulting in greater manufacturing efficiencies, increased process capabilities and improved line performance.

Greg Pickert, president of Pride Engineering, said: “After several years of research and development, we’re excited to launch the new Synapse product line to the can making industry.”

In real time, Sympase monitors, adjusts and reports process data drawn from multiple sources during operation. The features include:

  • Customisable setting force starting point and real time monitoring. Adjustable setting force to optimise for each can size and continuous monitoring to ensure process stays within process window
  • Integrated over travel sensor. Setup over travel correctly and monitor for changes or adverse events such, as double cans
  • Clamp ring force sensor. Customise clamp ring force for each can size through precise pressure setting and real time monitoring.

“Our goal is to help users gain valuable insight into the bodymaking process allowing them to make quality cans at increased speeds and efficiencies,” added Pickert.

“Synapse will support greater manufacturing efficiencies and increased process capabilities for companies on their way to the future.”

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