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A rallying call

Today began with the star attraction Colin Gillis, president of Ball Europe, who presented on the emerging trends within the packaging industry. It was certainly a lively start to the day with a rallying call for the industry to collectively get together to grow the metal packaging industry. Gillis was quick to note that the conference room had bottles of refreshments available, but not a can in sight. If our industry is not looking after the interests of cans, then who is? An interesting point and the tone nicely set for the rest of the day.

The presentations featured a range of speakers offering their expertise with the highlights including CMB’s Leon Metcalfe talking about innovations to its 3200 Inside Spray Machine, KBA’s Ralf Gumbel on the importance of Automation (with reference to the banknotes in your pocket which are probably printed by KBA), and Prime Controls’ Mark Mohn providing a fascinating insight into the history of can making.

The afternoon session concluded with the inaugural Candid Forum. The panel included Ball’s Colin Gillis, Hindustan Tin Works’ Atit Bhatia, Apeal’s Alexander Mohr and Can-Pack Morocco’s Tarik Boukhris. It was certainly an engaging debate with topics discussed including the Ball/Rexam takeover, BPA and innovation within the industry. The video will shortly be uploaded online so keep an eye on www.cantechonline.com.

Now time to let my hair down with a couple of beers and the awards ceremony. Cheers!

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