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Crown unveils decorative finish range at Drinktec

Crown has announced the launch of its ‘Colourful World’ beverage can decorative finish range at this year’s Drinktec exhibition (11-15 September 2017).

The launch includes an Accents range, which uses variable printing technology to enable up to 24 different designs to be produced on a single print run, the company says.

A key focus at the show is CrownConnect family of technologies, which have been designed to help harness the interconnectivity of the digital space. The platform includes:

  • CrownSmart, an interactive application that allows brand owners to interact with consumers via a unique code situated beneath the tab of a beverage can
  • SeeThrough, which leverages virtual reality to enable consumers to view the contents within a package
  • CrownSecure, a code scanning system that assigns every package a singular identity quick response (QR) code – helping manufacturers build a data trail to help prove authenticity to consumers and manage product recalls.

Crown has worked closely with its IoT Smart Products Platform partner Evrythng to drive IoT applications, as well as Zappar – UK-based creators of an app that uses augmented reality (AR) to help people recognise images and objects in the world around us.

Matt Twiss, marketing and business development director at Crown Bevcan Europe and Middle East, commented: “The major benefit of these technologies is the immediacy with which a brand can connect directly with a consumer.

“CrownSmart, for example, begins the process at the very moment a consumer opens the can and scans the code. At this point, brands can start to gather valuable, real-time purchasing and consumption data, including who opened what content and when and where the code was activated.

“This information allows brands to connect with consumers in ‘real time’ and will, in turn, help brands tailor both current and subsequent campaigns to stay aligned with consumers’ behaviour, desires and needs.”

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